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Anonymous: Are you still a virgin?


One thing I will never understand is peoples obsession with wanting to know everything about everyone, no matter how personal the information is. As you’re anonymous, I cannot say for sure, if we do or do not know each other. In either case, I hardly see why this information is any of your business, nor do I understand why I have to explain that to you.

Any and all information about my personal life is private. Anything which I do post or share about my personal life is done so by myself, at my own decision and is not done to satisfy any one else’s curiosity. I don’t understand why anyone should have to explain this at all. I doubt you’d want anyone and everyone asking you about your sex life and asking you post about it on a public forum.

For your information, I am a virgin still and I will not be answering this question again. If I receive questions about my personal life anymore (excluding when I reblog and request asks from numbered lists), I will be disabling anonymous. My life is not the business of anyone but myself and those whose are a part of it. Please respect my privacy thank you.

I received a message from who I can only assume to be the same person as above saying “i just wanted to know if i am going to be your first ;)”. I find this crude, rude, and disrespectful.

For this reason I have now disabled anonymous messaging for the first time in my 4+ years of running this blog. 

It makes me sad that I have to resort to this for privacy and respect. 


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this Mandy was so great

dat me

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"feel my leg i just shaved"

Haha I can’t deal with us. But here’s another cheesy picture.

One of my favourite shots from today!

also this has over 2.5k notes and it’s mostly lesbian blogs because apparently my clothes make me a lesbian.
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